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Machinery & Equipment

   Since 1917,  Richmond Machine has been a world leader in  providing innovative, highest quality machinery, and various other services to the industrial container community.​  Today, Richmond continues it's tradition of "overbuilt", heavy duty construction, guaranteeing  many years of machine life. Almost half of Richmond machines ever built, are working, still in service, in plants worldwide.  Richmond continues to support these machines not only with original parts, but also with important upgrades and automation options.








   Richmond Machine has a long heritage, leading the way, innovating, designing, building, automating, and providing turnkey services for the industrial container industry. Richmond is not just a machinery building company.  The owners and employees of Richmond are "drum" guys, experienced in the many aspects of the industry.  Our experience stretches back three generations of hands on experience, not only building machinery, but also in operations.  Richmond can offer it's customers the unique benenfit, of a manufacturer that truly understands the problems and issues facing every aspect of the industry.  Richmond builds machinery, equipped with the experience and knowledge, of what it takes to truly perform in the "trenches".

Parts Department

   RIchmond Machine does not copy, reverse engineer, or steal the designs of machinery or components of any other company.  Rather, we take pride in our abilities to innovate and design our own products, as well as continue to improve them. We have worked hard through the years, to perfect these designs, painstakenly working out exact contours, metallurgy, and every detail, to provide the longest lasting, best fitting, most elegantly working part, for your machines.   We also maintain a complete data base, of every drawing, of every original part, designed  for your machine.






Original Richmond Parts Work Best

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For Motors & Gear Boxes Richmond Distributes for World Wide Electric

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